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Did you find fleas on your pet?  Let us walk you through the steps you need to treat it!  This information is also available in a save-able PDF version found at the bottom of this page.

First, we need to treat the pet, and any other pets in the home.  If your pet has contact with pets outside the home, it would be best to also treat those pets (like if your dog goes to classes, for example).  We would recommend a dose of Bravecto to kill fleas that are on your pet if it’s a dog, or Frontline Plus if it’s a cat.  We recommend treating for at least three months in a row to get rid of the fleas. Bravecto lasts three months so you will not have to dose again.  Frontline Plus and many other products are a monthly product so you will need to re-dose.  Your pet should then be kept on a flea preventative to prevent re-infestation (ideally year-round, but at least from March to November).

Next, we need to address the home.  Only 5% of fleas in a home are actually found on the pet, so this is a VERY important step to getting rid of the infestation.  Thoroughly vacuum any carpets, rugs, and furniture.  Move any furniture you can to vacuum as best as you can.  Sweep tile or wood floors- if you have a vacuum that can be used on this type of floor, it would be best to also vacuum those. Throw away the bag after vacuuming.

Finally, we need to treat the home using products such as carpet sprays and foggers.  The best way to address your home is to call a local exterminator and have them come out and do it for you.  Many of them will guarantee their work, saving a lot of headache for you rather than doing it yourself.

Going forward, if you keep your pets on a good flea product that you purchase through a veterinarian, the manufacturer will stand behind their product.  Meaning if your pet becomes infested with fleas while on their product, they will pay to treat the home.  It is some nice insurance against having to battle fleas again!

Link to Downloadable PDF