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 Radiowave Surgery-High Frequency/Low Temperature

Concerned about the discomfort of surgery? We know how you feel. We have pets too. You're scheduling a surgical procedure for your pet. While you know that the procedure needs to be done, you're having second thoughts because of the associated pain and discomfort. We understand that because we hear comments all day long from concerned pet owners just like you.

Did you know that most surgical procedures can now be performed with radiowaves? That same tool that is used in human medicine has been adapted for use on animals. We have always made great efforts to lessen the discomfort to pets undergoing surgery. However, with new technology we can do even better.

We now are using radiowave technology in our surgical suite. This gives us the ability to offer your pet shorter anesthesia and post-surgical healing times. In fact, some procedures may require only a local anesthetic. Many clinics are now advertising laser surgery as the latest technique, in fact, many human surgeons are abandoning laser surgery in favor of this technology. 


Why is Radiowave Safer?

There is no risk of accidentally burning other areas of tissue through reflection or penetration of a light beam (as with laser). RADIOWAVE SURGERY OFFERS DISTINCT BENEFITS TO YOUR PET:

       - Decreased Post-Surgical Edema (swelling); low temperature = less tissue destruction

       - Less Blood Loss; radiowaves close off blood vessels and nerve endings as they cut

         - Reduced Risk of Infection; radiowaves vaporize bacteria, preventing infectious                  agents from being seeded along the length of the incision

       - Quicker Recovery; with less tissue destruction healing is hastened and your pet will         recover more quickly

       - Safer Than Laser Surgery; there are no safety hazards involved with radiowave              technology

       - No Burning or Charring of the Tissue; radiowave surgery does not burn the tissue,            unlike laser or high-temperature electrosurgery

How Does Radiowave Work?

An RF micro fiber tip becomes energized by the radiowaves but does not become hot. The ultra high frequency radiowaves provide specific and delicate tissue interaction. This results in a focused cutting and coagulating effect, which disintegrates and volatilizes single cells minimizing the amount of tissue destruction. Healing is rapid and painless. Radiowave surgery does not burn the tissue, unlike laser or high-temperature electrosurgery.

If you have any questions about radiowave surgery, or to see if it applies to your pet's surgery, please speak with one of veterinarians by calling our office.