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Weight Loss 


                                                                  Obese cats

 Obesity in our pets is on the rise in the United States.  Obesity is defined as an animal that weighs 15-20% over its optimum weight.  In the U.S. today, studies estimate that 25-28% of dogs are obese, while 35% of cats fall into that classification.  Many factors affect this trend:  breed, lifestyle, gender status as well as the factors we normally change to alleviate the problem, such as diet and exercise.

Our veterinarians and veterinary staff are available to assist you in your pet's weight loss health care plan.  We offer an assessment of your pet's current health and weight, develop a program for weight loss, recommend the proper diet with the availability of specialized weight loss food, as well as education as to how obesity can affect the health and longevity of your pet.

                                 thumbnailCA9TRFW4.jpg                        proper_weight.gif

                                       Overweight Dog                                                                        Proper Weight

Follow these nutrition and excercise tips for overweight pets:

Always start a pet weight loss program with a visit to a veterinarian.  A knowledgeable doctor can recommend the correct amount of food and advise how to reduce the amount gradually.  He or she can also uncover any underlying health issues, such as an underactive thyroid.

Eliminate the bottomless bowl.  Whether they're on a diet or not, pets should be fed once or twice a day, preferably at the same time each day.

Use treat time to promote bonding between yourself and your pet, but consider giving treats in smaller amounts.

Exercise regularly with pets.  Don't overdo it, start by walking your pet twice a day for at least 10 to 15 minutes each time.  Coax cats to chase a toy or a string in multiple shorter sessions.

Below you will find before and after pictures of what a typical weight loss program can do.


 By offering education, proper food, and by changing feeding and exercise habits, we can curb the rise of pet obesity and enjoy longer, happier years with our faithful friends.


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