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Digital Radiography (X-Ray)

The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Iron Mountain Animal Hospital utilizes the most advanced tools available to help diagnose pets' medical issues. We have incorporated digital radiology into our Diagnostic Imaging capabilities leading to more immediate treatment and giving our doctors the chance to share patient information in a much more time-efficient manner.


Digital x-rays provide quicker, clearer and faster images than film x-ray. A digital x-ray of your pet's injury or area of concern is taken and developed in four seconds, eliminating the need to wait for the x-rays to develop. Digital x-rays also help provide a better diagnosis for your pet. Like a digital photo, a radiograph can be manipulated after it is taken allowing our team to view the image in ways that weren't possible with film x-ray.

IMAH also works with board certified veterinary radiologists to interpret and consult on x-ray images.

Diagnostic Ultrasound


An Ultrasound examination is an imaging technique that allows internal body structures to be seen by recording echoes of ultrasonic waves. This gives a 2-dimensional “picture” of the tissues under examination.

The technique is invaluable for the examination of internal organs, evaluating heart conditions and is very useful in the diagnosis of cysts and cancers.

Anesthesia is not usually needed for most ultrasound examinations. This is one of the great advantages of ultrasound. The technique is non-invasive but does involve clipping an area of hair and applying a water-soluble jelly on the skin. The technique is totally painless and most pets will lie comfortably while the scan is being performed. 

Along with our veterinarians, Iron Mountain Animal Hospital has a registered Ultrasonographer available to perform all ultrasounds.

Dental Radiography (X-Ray)

Iron Mountain Animal Hospital is proud to include a full mouth x-ray on every pet that undergoes a dental cleaning with us. Just like in people, sometimes pets can have disease or infection below the gum line.  Without a dental x-ray, we would never know about those issues.  By being able to treat them, we can prevent pain in your pet, and possibly delay the time in which your pet would need another dental cleaning in the future.

To read more about our dental x-rays, please click here.