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We all understand that dental health is very important for ourselves and our well-being. Dental care is also extremely important for the long term health of your pet. We will work to help you find a way to prevent tartar accumulation and subsequent dental disease in your pet with a method that works for you and your family. If your pet does, unfortunately, develop tartar and/or dental disease, we are here to help.

Once you have made that important decision to have your pet's teeth cleaned/scaled/extracted, the next important decision you must face is which clinic you want to entrust with your pet as this procedure is performed. At Iron Mountain Animal Hospital, we realize how important the safety of your pet is to your family. As you choose a clinic, you are not only trusting the veterinarian who will be overseeing the procedure, but also the staff who will perform the cleaning and extractions and will provide important monitoring and aftercare for your pet.

You will find that prices for performing these procedures will vary widely between clinics depending upon the type and number of services provided. At Iron Mountain Animal Hospital the price for these procedures include all of the following services:

1. A pre-surgical examination by a doctor.

2. A pre-anesthetic pain injection pain injection to prevent pain before it occurs.

3. An intravenous catheter and fluids to maintain blood pressure and provide venous access in the event of an emergency.

4. Gas anesthesia and intubation (tube in airway) to protect the airway/lungs

5. Anesthetic monitoring by licensed technicians with EKG, pulse oximeter, electronic respiratory and pulse rate monitors, and blood pressure readings.  We maintain body temperature with a warm pad and warmed air blanket.

6. Full mouth radiography (x-rays) of your pet (see why dental x-rays are important here)

7. Cleaning, scaling, sub-gingival (under the gum) exam of dental health, and charting of any findings.

8. Post-dental care with a technician or assistant staying with your pet during recovery and monitoring comfort and pain during their hospital stay.

9. Instructions for after care at home, including before/after pictures of the teeth, and a print out of the dental x-rays (digital copies available upon request).

10. Complementary nail trim while under anesthesia

11. New, state of the art dental suite

12. Dental recheck in 2 weeks with a staff member to see how the gums are healing and to talk about about home care.

      IMAH veterinarians and staff strive to provide you with top quality care at all times. Our doctors and staff members are highly educated and they are continually improving their dental education through online courses and by attending educational meetings. Pain management of the dental patient is of paramount concern.

We would be happy to answer any further questions you may have about your pet's dental procedure. Please feel free to call us at 906.774.5961 and our staff would be happy to answer any dental concerns that you may have.

To view the AAHA Dental Guidelines and learn more about pet dental health view the following link:


For additional pet dental health please visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council website at http://www.vohc.org/.